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Always careful to the quality and durability of its products, Kikau has created an innovative plant for aluminum coating. The first and only ever to integrate the process of anodizing and powder coating, using the strictest quality standards.

Oxidation + Coating = Warranty

As well known anodic oxidation is the only process that blocks the formation of filiform corrosion of aluminum and ensures the best resistance to more aggressive atmospheric agents over time. In particular, the oxidation process as basic treatment of the aluminum profiles, substitutes the traditional processes of chromating, phosphochromating, and others. The traditional processes, as well as being toxic for the presence of chromium, do not always guarantee the use of coated aluminum, especially in areas of high pollution rate, very humid or marine areas. Oxidation is a chrome-free, non-toxic and ecological process. It is also used in the food industry. Moreover Kikau uses only pure polyester coatings powder, also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
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