Aluminium Shutters
Style and Technology


Kikau Aluminium Shutters. Style and Technology.
10 Year Warranty
Due to the unique integrated process of oxidation and painting Kikau issue a certificate of guarantee of 10 years on the filiform corrosion. The special treatment ensures the best resistance of aluminum in any environment, including marine areas. Are covered by a warranty of 10 years, even all the adjustable mechanisms.
Zero Maintenance
The aluminum shutters Kikau require no maintenance. The special design of components allows a quick and easy cleaning as well as safe with its shape and the protection of cuts and sharp edges.
Eco 100%
Kikau uses only ecological materials. The exclusive process of oxidation and aluminum coating has zero environmental impact, is free of chromium and toxic substances.
The products are Kikau 100% recyclable.
CE Mark
The entire KIKAU range is CE certified with resistance to wind load pressure and depression in class 6 in accordance with UNI ENV 13659.
Made in Italy
All KIKAU products are "Made in Italy” certified, a guarantee of high quality, functionality and protection for the customer.
Range and Functionality
The wide range of shutters Kikau responds to the needs of functionality and aesthetics related to any territory. Functionality and comfort for the adjustable slats that allow to be able to differentiate light and air; orienting the slats, the day you get a sunscreen effect, especially useful in summer, which creates shade and ventilation. In winter, fully closing the slats you get double protection from bad weather. Comfort without compromise for renewed Kikau armored shutters, with adjustable and fixed slats.
Care of design
Great attention is placed in the care of the design of each component, the choice of finishes and colors. The KIKAU shutters interpret in modern shapes the proportions and colors of traditional wooden shutters, expressing an aesthetic synthesis that blends with any architectural style.
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